Mexico and Texas are joined by a new bridge in Progreso, Texas.  Nuevo Progreso is the perfect shopping stop.



Nuevo Progreso

.Originally called Las Flores, which was the name of the local ranch, this wonderful little town has seen many changes over the years. The river you cross today as you go across the bridge has moved around a bit over the years. The river used to pass to the South of the town's current location and the area where the town sits today was previously on the United States side. Following a major flood, the river changed course. Approximately 500 acres of land was transferred back to Mexico and the entire town is now built on land the river took back. In 1933, the name of the city was changed to La Villa Nuevo Progreso, or Progreso as everyone calls it today.

The Pemex Company began drilling for gas shortly after construction of the first bridge in 1952. Camp Trevino was built south of the city to house employees of the drilling camp and businesses started springing up to supply the necessary amenities needed by the employees.

The first restaurant to open in Neuvo Progreso was Arturo's Restaurant in 1953 and the first grocery store was Abarrotera Pulido in 1959. Starting in the mid-1950's, amazing growth was seen in the business community. There were two meat markets, a fish market, and several tortilla factories. Pavi Indian Market, the first curios shop was opened by Pablo Bautista in the mid-1960's. During this time, numerous shops, beauty parlors and barber shops also opened.

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Although Neuvo Progreso became home to two physicians during the early 1950's and the first dentist in the mid-1960's, pharmacies did not appear until the late 1970's. Today both physicians and dentist number in the hundreds and over sixty pharmacies or stores with pharmacy departments are available for your convenience.

Nuevo Progreso has become one of the most popular crossing points for both tourists and locals. The State of Texas recognizes the importance of the Progreso Bridge. From 1993 through the end of 1997, the Texas Department of Transportation invested over $10 million in FM 1015, which connects to US 83 and points north. TxDOT invested over $5 million more in 1998 and in 1999 to provide for five lanes of traffic.

The new Neuvo Progreso Bridge was completed in 2003 with it's broad covered walkways on each side and four lanes of traffic that speed the flow of cars going either way. The soon to be opened truck bridge, located to the east side will remove the heavy truck traffic and will make the crossing even more pleasurable.